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drug charges

Four Different Types Of Drug Charges

Florida has a reputation for having easy access to drugs, but the state also has a reputation for handing out harsh punishment to those who get caught up with drugs. It is important to understand that there are classifications of substances, and not every case will be the worst case scenario. For instance, a possession of marijuana case will not be punished in the same was as manufacturing methamphetamine or distributing cocaine. Not only does the type of substance play a role in what type of charges are filed against you, but so do the actions taken in connection with the substance.

Four different types of drug charges that can be filed, regardless of the substance, include:

  • Possession of a controlled dangerous substance.
  • Distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.
  • Possession with the intent to sell, or simply selling a banned substance.
  • Trafficking in an illegal substance.

These are not the only possibilities, and you need to know that the State can come up with other combos of charges. As the type of activity becomes more involved, the range of punishment increases as does the piling up of charges. You also have to watch out for how much of a substance is involved in the case, as that can cause a case that might otherwise be filed as a misdemeanor to be filed as a felony. All of this information makes it close to impossible to keep track of the different combinations of charges that can be filed, but our team of experienced drug defense attorneys knows how to sort through a case. Once the facts of your case have been placed on the table, a defense strategy can be developed. We know which types of cases are more serious than others, and how subsequent convictions play a role in a new charge. We also know how important it is to you to get a good result in your case, and work with you every step of the way so vital pieces of information do not go overlooked. For more information about drug related crimes, and how to best defend them, call our office today.

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Three Types Of Drug Charges To Watch Out For

In criminal law most things fall within a certain category, such as the classification of a crime as either a misdemeanor, or a felony. There are also distinctions within those categories as to the type of crime being charged and if you are facing criminal charges it is important to understand the difference, because your defense strategy may depend on how the charges are filed. One of the most litigated areas of criminal defense in Florida is that of drug charges. The State takes a tough position on these types of charges; therefore the range of punishment can be harsh.

Three types of drug charges (relating to possession) to watch out for include:

  • Charges of simple possession, which means the defendant is arrested after a relatively small or minor amount of contraband is found on his or her person.
  • Actual possession, which is a charge similar to simple possession but the quantity of drugs found on the defendant, is of a more substantial amount.
  • Constructive possession, which is a bit confusing because the defendant was not actually in possession of any substance, in any amount. The charge is that the defendant knew the substance was within their access, and could easily be actually possessed.

A person can face any of these three types of possession charges by possession of an actual drug, drug paraphernalia, growing or trafficking drugs, or obtaining drugs under false pretenses (such as by a forged prescription, which also carries additional charges along with the possession charge). In order to effectively combat drug charges, a solid defense is necessary. A conviction of a drug charge can dramatically change your life, in that you will now have a criminal record which can make getting a job or into school a challenge. Take charge of your future by partnering with an experienced criminal defense attorney today. We work with you to help keep you out of jail and to keep the financial penalties at a minimum. Call our office for a review of the facts of your case, and allow us to provide a defense that is tailored to your specific needs.


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“You Put Your Weed In There”

Drug charges are serious offenses, but there are varying degrees of seriousness. It all depends on the type of drug, and your level of involvement. For instance, possession is a less serious charge than distribution, and possession of marijuana is not as severe a charge as possession of a substance like cocaine or methamphetamine. The range of punishment will also vary depending on whether this is your first, or a subsequent offense.

The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with information, which includes knowing possible outcomes of your case under the relevant law. Here are common questions, with possible outcomes for drug related charges:

  • What will happen to me if I am a first time offender? The range of punishment for first time offenders is much less than for repeat offenders, but could still include jail time.

● Does the type of drug matter? Yes! Punishment and fines are generally lower for cases involving “lesser” drugs than cases involving substances that are considered “harder”.

● Should I negotiate? The specific facts of your case will dictate what type of defense strategy to employ.


Regardless of the level of severity of your case, it is important that you are prepared. An effective defense includes one where you are well-informed. Developing a solid defense requires a thorough investigation, analysis, and application of the law to the facts of your case. The prosecution has leeway in things like reducing charges, which can result in a lower range of punishment. The evidence gathered in your defense plays an important role in how much leeway the state is willing to exercise. Make sure your defense is airtight by partnering with a trained criminal defense attorney.

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